TÜRKBİLMAT-4 - Prof. Dr. Doutor Pedro Tadeu - Çağrılı Konuşmacı

Professor in the field of Mathematics Education at Polytechnic of Guarda (IPG), Post-Doc in Problem solving Skills at Kindergarten (Institute of Education, Faculty of Education, Sakarya University, Turkey), Ph.D. in Didactical and Technology - specialization in Didactical Mathematics (UTAD, Vila-Real), master's degree in Mathematics Education, degree in Mathematics Education (Faculty of Education, Coimbra University). Dean of HEI - School of Education, Communication and Sport, Polytechnic of Guarda, since 01/2015. Member of the Executive Commission of CEI - (Centro de Estudos Ibéricos http://www.cei.pt/cei/estrutura.htm) since 01/2015. Member of the board of UDI from 02/2012 until 12/2014 (Research Unit for Inland Development http://www.ipg.pt/udi/). Develops research in the area of Mathematics Education, ICT, Multicultural Education, ICT and Inclusion, Innovation in Education and Entrepreneurship Education. Has several scientific publications and develops activity with different HEI from Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Albania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Brasil, Colombia, Cabo-Verde, Angola among others, is evaluator for ERASMUS+ Portuguese Agency and European COST projects.