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TÜRKBİLMAT-4 Accommodation

TÜRKBİLMAT-4 - Accommodation

Dear participants,
Participants will contact directly with the hotel (Altın Yunus Çeşme Touristic Facility) for the accommodation (boarding) and non-accommodation participant from March 31, 2019. The deadline for the registration is July 31, 2019. The following bank account will be used for payments. When paying, you must specify how many people will be staying in the information section, and after the payment is made, you must contact the Altın Yunus Çeşme Touristic Facility  for the payment confirmation, the dates of accommodation and the names of the persons staying in the room. The following contact numbers and e-mail addresses of Altın Yunus Çeşme Touristic Facilities will be used in all communication regarding accommodation and reservations.

You can make your reservation  on by using BİLMAT2019 promo code. The other payment option is also bank wire to the account below.

Recipient: Altın Yunus Çeşme Turistik Tesisleri
Bank Account No of the Hotel: 6171
İş Bank Aegean    corporate branch code: 3399
Account No: 6171
Contact Information:
Tel: 0232 723 1250
Accommodation Fee
Per person in double room (daily)        : 215 Turkish Liras (Approx. $42) / Full pension Plus
Per person in single room (daily)         : 295 Turkish Liras (Approx. $56) / Full pension Plus
Non-accommodation participation        : 170 Turkish Liras (Approx. $33) (Meeting + Food / Drinks)
* Prices are valid two days before and after the symposium.
* Venus Healthy Living and Thermal Center are free to our entry group and are valid for 12 years and over.
*There is a separate indoor swimming pool for children aged 0-12 years.
*The first child between 0-6 years old is free, the first child between 7-12 years old and the second child between 2-12 years old will receive a 50% discount.