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TÜRKBİLMAT-5 Çağrılı Konuşmacı

TÜRKBİLMAT-5 - Çağrılı Konuşmacı

Keynote Speaker 1. 
Prof. Dr. Celia Hoyles, University College London, UK

Dr. Celia Hoyles is Professor of Mathematics at the University of London’s Institute of Education and Director of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics in U.K. Her research interests encompass the use of technology in mathematics education as well as mathematical reasoning and generalization, and mathematics skills in workplaces. In the 2014 she was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire  (DBE) in recognition of her service as director of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching Mathematics.

Keynote Speaker 2. 
Prof. Dr. Barbara Jaworski, Loughborough University, UK
Barbara Jaworski is Professor of Mathematics Education at Loughborough University and Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Agder, Norway.  She was formerly Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Agder, Norway, and before that a Reader at the University of Oxford, UK. She has a career that spans mathematics teaching at secondary level and first year university level, teacher education at secondary level, and teaching and supervision of doctoral students.  Her research has been mainly into the development of mathematics teaching through research and through partnerships between teachers and researchers, at both school and university levels. She has been Chief Editor of the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, President of ERME, the European Society of Mathematics Education and President of PME. the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education.  She is working currently in an Erasmus+ project, PLATINUM, exploring inquiry-based learning and teaching in University Mathematics.

Keynote Speaker 3. 
Prof. Dr. Richard Noss, University College London, UK

Richard Noss is Professor of Mathematics Education at UCL (University College London). He was the founding director of the London Information Laboratory, director of the government-funded Technology Enhanced Learning Research Program, and deputy director of the EU Kaleidoscope Excellence Network. Richard holds a master's degree in mathematics and a doctorate in mathematics education. He is an Invited Member of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a foreign member and medal of the Bulgarian Mathematical Union. Richard was the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Mathematical Learning Computer. He is a member of the editorial board of the Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education. At the same time, one of his doctoral students was Prof. Dr. Adnan Baki.

Keynote Speaker 4. 
Prof. Dr. Doutor Pedro Tadeu, Polytechnic of Guarda, Portugal

Professor in the field of Mathematics Education at Polytechnic of Guarda (IPG), Post-Doc in Problem solving Skills at Kindergarten (Institute of Education, Faculty of Education, Sakarya University, Turkey), Ph.D. in Didactical and Technology - specialization in Didactical Mathematics (UTAD, Vila-Real), master's degree in Mathematics Education, degree in Mathematics Education (Faculty of Education, Coimbra University). Dean of HEI - School of Education, Communication and Sport, Polytechnic of Guarda, since 01/2015. Member of the Executive Commission of CEI - (Centro de Estudos Ibéricos since 01/2015. Member of the board of UDI from 02/2012 until 12/2014 (Research Unit for Inland Development Develops research in the area of Mathematics Education, ICT, Multicultural Education, ICT and Inclusion, Innovation in Education and Entrepreneurship Education. Has several scientific publications and develops activity with different HEI from Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Albania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Brasil, Colombia, Cabo-Verde, Angola among others, is evaluator for ERASMUS+ Portuguese Agency and European COST projects.  

Keynote Speaker 5. 
Prof. Dr. Wee Tiong Seah, 
University of Melbourne, Australia

Wee Tiong Seahis a Professor of Mathematics in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Before embarking on a career as an academic, Wee Tiong has had extensive professional experience in mathematics teaching and pastoral care across a range of school settings in Singapore and Australia. Wee Tiong’s research and professional interests focus on sociocultural, conative and affective aspects of learning, which all complement and support psychological understanding of the individual learner. Attributes of interest include values and mindsets of students, teachers, parents, etc as they relate to mathematics pedagogy. He currently coordinates a multinational research team in a series of research studies relating to the harnessing of values to promote more effective teaching and learning of mathematics in schools. These activities are all part of the Third Wave research project which Wee Tiong set up in 2008.

Wee Tiong was an invited speaker to some 800 principals and school leaders at last year’s Victoria’s Regional Leadership Conference in Australia. He was also one of 4 plenary panelists at last year’s Psychology in Mathematics Education conference held in Sweden. Wee Tiong conducts collaborative research and consultancy activities in no less than 8 countries across Australia and Asia.